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Once Again Able to Go to School

ASHA | India

When Asha’s father was arrested, life became extremely difficult for her family. Her mother suffers with severe arthritis—the pain forced her to retire from her nursing job, and simple household tasks are nearly impossible to perform. Asha’s mother uses what little money they have to pay others to fetch water, as their well is 20 meters down a steep, muddy slope—a trek too great for an ailing women or a young child.

Seven-year-old Asha, in India, withdrew from school to help her mom. They also care for Asha’s grandmother.

Our child sponsorship program is giving the family the extra support they need, and giving Asha a second chance at an education.

Now back in school, Asha is delighted with her schoolbooks, lunch box, and uniform. The family also has extra food and Asha’s mother no longer has to pay someone to retrieve water, as their home is being modified to be disability-friendly, included plumbing into the kitchen.

Give a child like Asha a second chance.

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