Reach a life lost in darkness with the light of Jesus

There are many more people waiting to meet Christ in prison.

More than 10 million souls are locked away in prisons all over the world. That isolation makes it hard for many incarcerated people to pursue real growth and change. . . at least on their own. 

But you can reach them, and help them know they are loved and have a purpose when you give a gift that makes it possible for a prisoner to go through The Prisoner’s Journey, an 8-week Bible study that’s transforming lives by introducing them to their Savior, who was once a prisoner as well.

You know that God’s word—and His ability to save and change lives—is freely available, even to prisoners. . . no matter what their past may be. But they need to experience God’s word. They need someone to tell them about Jesus. And they need their very own Bible to explore it for themselves. That’s what enrollment in The Prisoner’s Journey will provide. And your monthly gift makes it possible. 

This year, we hope to reach thousands more inmates with the healing hope of Christ’s salvation through The Prisoners Journey, but we need your help. 

We’re hoping to hear from just a few more people this week who are willing to commit to giving a $15 monthly gift. Your consistent support will put Bibles in the hands of prisoners all over the world and provide scriptural training that can change their hearts, minds, and futures.

We call these monthly donors Lamplighters, because they bring the light of Jesus into the darkness of prisons and they kindle eternal lights in the hearts of prisoners. Will you be one?

Each month, will you help us show someone who is struggling through the isolation of prison how deeply and eternally they are loved?