Release prisoners like “Daniel” from darkness through the love of Jesus

The cycle of crime is a reality which often claims entire lifetimes and spans generations. This is the reality for “Daniel”, a prisoner whose name we have protected.

Daniel is just one of approximately 10 million men and women imprisoned around the world, living in physical and spiritual darkness. He is part of one of the least-reached groups in the world. And he feels cut off from society and left alone in his hopelessness and despair.

Daniel’s life outside of prison was full of violence, shame, fear, and addiction… and he only found more of the same inside, through drugs, violent gangs, and the empty promises of hopeless faiths.

But you and I know that Daniel’s future is not hopeless. You know what God did for another prisoner named Daniel, who found himself in a hopeless situation—a den of lions.

You know that God’s word – and His ability to save and change lives – is freely available for Daniel, no matter what he has done. But Daniel needs to experience God’s word. He needs someone to tell him about Jesus. And he needs his very own Bible so he can explore it for himself.

That’s what you can provide when you make a donation to enroll Daniel in The Prisoner’s Journey, an 8-week Bible study that’s transforming the lives of prisoners by introducing them to a Savior who was once a prisoner as well.

Leadership in Prison Fellowship South Africa reports, “Revival has broken out in the prisons which are implementing The Prisoners Journey.” 

Leadership at Prison Fellowship Colombia shared with us that leaders of prison gangs have been totally transformed by the Gospel, to the extent that prisoners are now using their own resources to buy flat screen TVs so that they can watch The Prisoner’s Journey videos 24/7.

Your gift of $15 or more today can help Daniel or one of his fellow inmates meet Jesus through The Prisoner’s Journey. And if you’re able to make a monthly gift of $15 or more, you can introduce a new prisoner to Jesus each month. There are no shortage of prisoners like Daniel, and no shortage of prisons that need hope.

That’s why we are asking Christians like you to consider making The Prisoner’s Journey available to Daniel and his fellow prisoners through your abundant generosity.

Will you make a gift to help Daniel come to know and love Jesus? Your gift today can secure his enrollment in The Prisoner’s Journey—and change his future, forever.