Your Bible study — Where Love & Justice Meet — is on its way!

The devotional you are about to receive has served as a powerful tool for so many others. It was initially designed for prisoners to understand love and justice from a Christian perspective. It has healed broken lives and helped many understand God’s justice and love, both of which are desperately needed in this world, especially in its darkest corners, like the prisons we minister in.

Prisons are incredibly broken places, full of men and women who feel hopeless, cut off from and forgotten by society. But this devotional offers them the hope of Jesus Christ—the savior who was a prisoner himself.

We wrote this devotional because we are inspired daily by the character of Christ, and His heart for justice, and prisoners all over the world.

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Like you, we want more love and justice in this world. We know it’s possible to break the cycle of crime and restore lives through Jesus’s love. Will you show that love to prisoners who need it? Without Jesus, a prison is a dark place. But with your support, the light of Christ can shine in the darkness and transform lives.

Will you give hope to a prisoner today?