ORNELLA | Rwanda

I Forgive Those Who Massacred My Family

My name is Ornella, and I am a volunteer for The Prisoner’s Journey® evangelism and discipleship program in a Rwamagana prison in Rwanda.

My parents were refugees and my other family members were massacred during the 1994 Rwandan genocide. I couldn’t bear to go to prison and meet some of the perpetrators of the genocide, who killed my relatives. But being trained by Prison Fellowship Rwanda on different topics regarding Bible studies and forgiveness, I decided to forgive them and now I’m able to minister to them.

I participated in the graduation event of Rwamagana prison.

I was especially touched by the testimony given by one graduate who declared the teachings of The Prisoner’s Journey® changed his life.

He used to steal materials that belonged to other inmates. He said, “Since I have started following the course, I’ve stopped sins and repented from all sins I committed against God and the community.”

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JEFF | New South Wales

The Sunday I’ll Never Forget

My name is Jeff, and I’m a volunteer with The Prisoner’s Journey® evangelism and discipleship program in a prison in New South Wales, Australia.

Each Sunday afternoon, I head to the prison in the hope of doing a church service. On this particular Sunday, we had 25 inmates in attendance. The best part was 15 of them had just spent three weeks attending The Prisoner’s Journey®. Although they all completed the course, none had come to church before. I was excited to see how God was speaking to them on their journey.

I preached a message about Gideon, and how the greatest battle we fight is with ourselves. This seemed to resonate with the inmates; I could see on their faces the message touched them. At the end of the message, I took them through the plan of salvation. I said “If anyone would like to place their faith and trust in Christ, then raise your hand so I can meet with you and pray with you.”

Eleven men from The Prisoner’s Journey® raised their hands.

I’m embarrassed to say I was shocked. Although I had asked God to do a great work, I wasn’t expecting Him to actually answer.

I said “Wait, I want to make sure you all understand.” I took them through it again, and again 11 inmates raised their hands to accept Christ as their Savior.

What started off as a normal Sunday afternoon became one I won’t forget.

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