Changing Lives in Uruguay

Cristihian Melo is a graduate of The Prisoner’s Journey program offered by Prison Fellowship Uruguay. He shares his story:

“I was incarcerated in the Durazno Prison for 11 months. I agreed to attend the course when I was invited because I told myself that it would just be listening, watching some videos, and filling out a book. I thought it will be good to read a little—and that was the only thing that mattered to me.

But something happened while I participated in the sessions. I became interested in the Gospel of Mark workbook. Then, I was shocked by the videos. I looked forward to the sessions and knew my head had changed.

Today, I am free. I have changed my way of thinking. I am with my family again. I have a house and I am working. I no longer want to do wrong. I have a different way of seeing things. This course changed my thinking and God changed my life.”

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MONICA | Uruguay

“God Made a Miracle of My Life” 

Monica is in prison for drug trafficking, and her family rejected her for involving her sister and nephew.

When she participated in The Prisoner’s Journey evangelism and discipleship program, Monica discovered she could change with God’s help.

Monica says, “I didn’t know much about God, but because I participated in The Prisoner’s Journey course, I can say that the life of anyone can change if they open their hearts. I know God made a miracle of my life. I can say this because my life is changing.”

Before, Monica consumed many drugs. And now, she says with joy, “I don’t need drugs. I used to do bad things, but now I do not.”

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