I’d like to make a donation from my disability check.

You could make an impact in the lives of prisoners around the world by donating $15. This puts a prisoner through The Prisoner’s Journey course where they learn who Jesus is, why He came for them, and what he wants for their lives.  

I’ve written a book for prisoners and want to donate copies to Prison Fellowship International   

We are not in a position to receive or send books overseas, due to the expense and navigation of the Customs process. 

If I make an online donation, how do I receive a receipt? 

Every online gift has a receipt that is immediately shared upon confirmation of your gift. Simply provide an email address and you will receive the receipt within moments of your giving. 

How do I donate automatically every month? 

Monthly giving is an easy way for you to plan your annual giving and make a regular impact in the lives of prisoners, children of prisoners and their families. You can support a child of a prisoner by becoming a child sponsor. You can also support a prisoner through our Lamplighter Program. Or you can simply give a general gift which will be used where it’s most needed. 

I want to donate my collection of gently used books 

We are not in a position to receive or send books overseas, due to the expense and navigation of the Customs process. 

How do I make a donation in memory of someone?   

Make a donation on our website and in the text box below the donation form please enter your loved one’s name.

Can my online donation be part of the matching grant opportunity? 

We regularly have matching opportunities that you can support. Please email donorsupport@pfi.org what you are interested in donating to, and the amount, and we will be able to tell you what Matching opportunities exist to expand your gift impact! 

How do I update my contact or credit card information?   

Updating your payment details is easy. You can call us and provide revised details securely by phone, or simply give a donation on our website and write a message in the text box that this payment is your revised payment for your monthly gift. You can also send a voided check to

Prison Fellowship International
P.O. Box 17434
Washington DC 20041

For security purposes, please do not send us any personal payment details by e-mail.

How do I stop getting duplicate mailings? 

We’re sorry to hear you are receiving duplicate mailings. Simply email donorsupport@pfi.org and we will take care of this for you. 

I would like to be removed from your mailing list. 

Please submit an email to donorsupport@pfi.org and we will take care of this for you.