Evidence of Success

For more than 40 years, Prison Fellowship International has been transforming the lives of prisoners, their families, and victims of crime through your help and a global network of ministry partners. Our network of 116 autonomous and indigenously led ministries represent every corner of the globe and have earned unprecedented access to more than 2,800 prisons globally.

How PFI Can Change the World

Transformation Starts with Just One Person

We know the transformation of just one prisoner has the power to influence an entire prison system. And that’s just the beginning.

Our Model for Change

It all starts with our in-prison evangelization program, The Prisoner’s Journey, which introduces prisoners to Jesus and invites them on a journey of personal and spiritual self-discovery. And the results are undeniable. On average, 61% of a prison population will attend the program’s promotional event, 41% will enroll in a course, and 100% will graduate. From there, 68% will continue to deepen their understanding of Jesus in one of our discipleship programs.

We’re Saturating Prison Systems

Current data reports 10.9 million prisoners worldwide. And our network has access to 1.58 million prisoners. That’s 14.5% of the prison population. This is significant because experts have discovered it only takes 20% of a population to embrace an idea for widespread change to take place.

We’re Reaching a Tipping Point

This idea of widespread change is called a “tipping point,” which creates a social epidemic that transforms an entire system. In other words, if 20% of prisoners respond to the gospel, they have the power to change an entire prison system—for better. And with your help, we can reach the tipping point!

By engaging 2 million prisoners a year, Prison Fellowship International will break the cycle of crime and restore lives, worldwide, through Jesus’s love.

Our Impact So Far

Widespread change doesn’t stop in prisons. Prisoners can be a powerful force for good. As their hearts are transformed through Jesus’s love, they rebuild connections with their families and make amends with their communities, spreading radical love and transformation throughout some of the darkest, most broken corners of the world. Here’s proof of our impact so far:

  • 6 million dollars invest annually to develop impactful programs for our network of ministries
  • 880,704 prisoners invited to learn about Jesus through The Prisoner’s Journey
  • 9,082 children of prisoners protect through the Children of Prisoners Program
  • 18,819 victims and prisoners repairing harm through the Sycamore Tree Project: Justice and Peace®: Justice and Peace—Justice & Peace
  • 401,000 children of prisoners help annually through Angel Tree® programs
  • 23,300 church members participating in a global Week of Prayer for prisoners, prison staff, and prison systems
  • 5,400 prisoners benefitting from alternative prisons around the world
Stories of Hope

CLAUDIA | Colombia

Claudia is known, in her hometown community of San José de Uré, Colombia, as a hardworking woman, who strives to provide for her children.

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