Jesus, the Prisoner

He was arrested and held captive. He was abused, beaten, and sentenced to death. And like many prisoners around the world, he was punished unjustly.

Learn About the Jesus, the Prisoner

Jesus understands prisoners. Because Jesus was also a prisoner, He understands what they feel—anger, fear, isolation, and abandonment.

Unjust Punishment Around the World

Today, men and women around the world are imprisoned for their political opinions, religious beliefs, or because they have been wrongfully accused. And many who commit crimes are often imprisoned for longer than their maximum sentence because of overloaded and backlogged court systems.

Jesus is the Best Way to Make a Difference

Jesus personally understands prisoners. They are one of the least-reached groups in the world—cut off from society and left alone to cope with their feelings of anger, hopelessness, and despair. Jesus invites prisoners to join Him on a journey of hope, mercy, and forgiveness that will transform their hearts and minds from the inside out.

Jesus Calls Us to be Part of the Solution

It can be easy to dismiss the idea of caring for prisoners and leave solutions to the government. But crime touches all of our communities, and prisoners are our neighbors. Jesus tells us it’s imperative to our personal wholeness and the health of our communities to love our neighbors like we love ourselves.

Jesus Tells Us Where to Start

Look after orphans and widows in distress, feed and clothe the poor, tend to the sick, and visit prisoners.

Transformation Isn’t Just Possible. It’s Happening.

We know Jesus is the best way to make a difference, because we’ve witnessed the transformation of hundreds of thousands of prisoners worldwide.

“I was tired of prison and decided I was going to end my life. But something inside me wouldn’t go out until I went to church where The Prisoner’s Journey was taking place. I told myself ‘After this class, I will kill myself.’ That night, the [course facilitator] said he felt the Lord tell her a student in the class wanted to commit suicide. I felt my body burning. I admitted my secret to everyone. [The facilitator] told me God loved me and he would help me out of my situation. Then Jesus spoke to [me] and told me, ‘You are so valuable to me that I paid a high price for you through the death of my Son.’ That moment saved my life and now I want to tell everyone about God.” —Wilson, prisoner, Colombia

Then Jesus spoke to [me] and told me, ‘You are so valuable to me that I paid a high price for you through the death of my Son.’

“For the first time in my life, I was not judged, only loved. I learned about mercy, grace, why Jesus had to die… that he was a ransom for me! I learned about unconditional love… and I want to live the way Jesus did. I want to go wherever God sends me to carry out my living testimony. It burns inside me like a candle, day and night. I cannot stop thinking about what Jesus did for me, and when I think of all the other people on this earth, who are still inside prisons and in gangs killing others, being drunk and on drugs, not living but being ‘living dead’… I want to tell them what Jesus did for me.” —Thati, prisoner, South Africa


Will You Join Us in Making A Difference?

Jesus is the reason we believe all people have value, deserve mercy, and are equally loved by God—even the most outcast. And that’s why we’re on a mission to transform the lives of prisoners, their families, and victims of crime through our global network of more than 100 partner prison ministries. But we need your help!

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