We need 340 donors like you to give $250 by June 30th
Your $250 contribution is uniquely powerful and will share the Gospel with 16 prisoners and families

With your help, we can reach thousands of prisoners and families with the Gospel by June 30

With all the needs we see in this world, it's no surprise that those in prison and their families are often forgotten. And, many even think those in prison are unworthy of care – why help them?

Together we can follow Hebrews 3:13, Christ’s charge to “remember those in prison”.

There are many high-profile causes, but with your partnership we can work to “remember those in prison” together. Because of your heart for telling others about the saving grace of Jesus, you are part of a powerful network of people committed to breaking the cycle of crime worldwide through Jesus's love. Not because it's popular, but because it's something you truly care about. You are fueling this mission, and the work is far from over.

Despite the current economic realities and soaring inflation, support from friends like you has made a difference in millions of lives:

prisoners have been invited to learn about Jesus
prisoners have graduated from The Prisoner's Journey®
prisoners and crime victims have found restoration through Sycamore Tree Project®: Justice and Peace
children of prisoners have received life-giving care through The Child's Journey® and PromisePath

Mailing Your Donation

If you would prefer to mail your donation, mail your check or a gift from your donor advised fund to:

PO Box 17434
Washington, DC 20041 USA