The Comeback: Protect A Child Today

As a former child sponsor, you helped care for one of the most vulnerable groups of people in the world – a child of a prisoner.

Over the past year, economic realities have put a strain on our teams across the globe. Energy crises and rising food costs have made it difficult for them to buy all of the supplies that they need. The children in our program are receiving crucial care and interventions to keep them from falling through the cracks, even the ones who have lost a sponsor.

We continue to provide services to children while they are waiting to be matched with a new sponsor in order to ensure that they are able to stay healthy and in school in the interim – but the number of unsponsored children has been rising as more sponsors feel the economic strain as well.

Today, we are reaching out with a simple request. If you are financially able, please consider coming back to sponsorship to stand in the gap for a child in need.