About Claudine

6 yrs old

Claudine lives with her siblings in a mud and stick dwelling in Rwanda. Claudine's mother struggles to care for her as her father is in prison. Claudine likes playing kibariko and dancing. She likes the color white. As Claudine's sponsor, you help provide nutritious food, healthcare, and opportunities to experience God’s love. Because you care, she will be able to go to school and learn skills for a brighter future instead of going to work at a young age. She wants to be a teacher someday.

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How Child Sponsorship Makes a Difference

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A child of a prisoner needs someone to lift them out of despair.

When you sponsor a child of a prisoner, you engage in a meaningful relationship with them that can forever change their life.

We’ve drawn from nearly 40 years of working with children of prisoners around the world to understand their most pressing needs.

Your Sponsorship Helps a Child of a Prisoner

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Each child receives regular visits from a child caseworker to ensure they live in a safe and caregiving environment.

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Each child and their families receives nutritious food, regular health check ups, and urgent medical care so they can grow strong and healthy.

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Each child is given access to education through assistance with school uniforms, fees, and supplies, so they can develop the skills they need for a bright future.

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Spiritual Care

Each child is connected with a Christian caseworker and local church to build positive, meaningful relationships and help heal the wounds caused by rejection and loss.