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European Region Brief: Ukraine | Nov 17, 2021

Convincing Results from the PF Ukraine Assessment

PF Ukraine will reach 55,000 prisoners in all 109 prisons nationwide with an opportunity to participate in The Prisoner’s Journey® (TPJ).

PF Ukraine is expected to graduate 26,000 prisoners from TPJ — nearly 20% of the prison population — by the end of their third year running the program. This will be a significant step on the path toward breaking the cycle of crime and restoring lives, worldwide, through Jesus’s love.

In order to reach this graduation goal, PF Ukraine will mobilize, train, and deploy a force of 1,700 certified volunteers to support the program.

In their fourth year running TPJ, Prison Fellowship Ukraine will expand outside of prisons into the probation and parole system, allowing them to serve 50,000 more people within the correctional system.

“PF Ukraine is a shining example of a national ministry that is harnessing the power of the church in its ministry to prisoners,” said David Van Patten, PFI COO. “Eleven denominations are represented on their board, bringing together thousands of volunteers from Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant churches who are working shoulder to shoulder to bring the Good News to prisoners throughout the Ukraine.”


Ministry Updates

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Ministry Updates

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