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Reminders and Announcements – April 2024

Children’s Programs

  • Upon receipt of Biblica resources:
    • Inventory all resources upon receipt and check what you received against the Bill of Laden
    • Provide an inventory report to the PO that includes the following:
      • Resource name
      • # received
      • Date received
    • Track distribution of resources to children and caregivers by resource and date distributed. Full Bibles should only be given to caregivers.
  • Send testimonies about how your program is impacting beneficiaries, staff and communities you serve.

Prison Programs

  • Quarterly qualitative and quantitative reports were due on the 10th of April for The Prisoner’s Journey and Sycamore Tree Project. Please submit them ASAP if you have not already.
  • Quarterly qualitative and quantitative reports are due on the 30th of April for The Listener’s Way. Please reach out to your Regional Office with any questions.


Reminders and Announcements

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Letter from the CEO

Returning to Center Court

When I was a younger man, I played a lot of sports, and one of my favorites was squash. Squash is like tennis, but it’s played in a very small room. It’s an incredible game – you must be fit, you’re constantly moving around and it’s very mentally taxing. There is a secret to playing […]

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Ministry Updates

Regional Forum Highlights

Asia Pacific The 2024 Asia Pacific Regional Forum took place from February 27-29, 2024 at Prison Fellowship Singapore’s Community Hub. 62 delegates representing 20 countries participated in the forum. Among these nations, 14 National Ministries and 3 prospective Chartered Affiliates were represented.  Gathering under the overarching theme of Leading for Greater Impact, delegates were reminded […]

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