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PF Colombia Exceeds STP Year Three Goals, Expands Market Reach

PF Colombia, with the grace of God and during the pandemic, managed to exceed the goals set for the third year of STP and managed to extend the program to more prisons. This was possible due to the following factors:

•The credibility and authority that PF Colombia has gained in the sight of the prison authorities, in addition to the good relations it has established with prison officials.

•STP has been positioned before the authorities as a restorative and non-religious program, which has been very well received by the officials. In addition to this, the prison authorities can see the results achieved in changing the lives of the prisoners.

•The team in charge of STP has appropriated the vision and goals and has been a proactive team with great commitment and dedication that, in faith and with the necessary tools and training, focused on developing the program successfully. This will serve as a base to continue developing STP in the program’s second generation.

PF Colombia Market Reach = 35%
Total Prisons in Colombia:132
PF Colombia has access to 46

PF Colombia Market Penetration = 4%
Total Prison Population: 97,935
PF Colombia Y7 Graduates:3,569


PF Colombia Best Practices

Dramatization during the course. PF Colombia has implemented the dramatization or role-play in the course sessions that allow for it in the content of forgiveness or dramatizing Jesus, Zacchaeus and the Prodigal Son. This contributes to a better assimilation of the prisoners, and motivates them to participate and get involved. It also contributes to move them to forgiveness and repair. This has helped increase the success of and participation in the program.

Use of games. PF Colombia has encouraged the participants of the course to carry out — in addition to what is indicated in the workbook — poems, drawings, and songs in the peace builder’s session, and this has motivated them to become true peace builders in their cells with other prisoners. In this way, they contribute to improving the prison environment, reducing violence and improving coexistence. All this, when seen by other prisoners, motivates them to join restorative circles because they also want to experience that peace.

Special acknowledgement for graduates. PF Colombia has delivered commemorative items during the graduations, in addition to the delivery of diplomas and personal care kits or material gifts. This symbolic gift has greatly motivated the prisoners because it consists of a special greeting card that makes them feel seen and important, motivating them to be promoters of the program while encouraging more prisoners to participate in the restorative circles. This results in the program’s growth.

Participation of officials in graduations. PF Colombia has developed good teamwork and very good relations with the educational area in the prisons This has allowed officials to participate in the graduations of the STP courses and in this way, they are witnesses of the results of the program and of the changes in prisoners. This has made it possible to have greater support for the implementation and increase of courses in prisons.

Connection with graduates from other growth programs. PF Colombia has coordinated with the educational area in one of the prisons so that the graduates, in addition to joining the growth program established, are given the opportunity to join academic, technical, or recreational improvement programs. This has been seen in a positive way by the prisoners and motivates them to join the STP program to experience a change in their lives. Prisoners are also encouraged to continue their spiritual growth as well as their personal improvement.


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