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Ministry News Roundup – August 2022

  • PF Guinea Conakry has now partnered with PFI to implement TPJ in 100% of their prisons (inviting 12,000 prisoners and graduating 5,500) over the course of the next three years.

  •  PF Rwanda’s TPJ program year 7 is the highest performing year for the national ministry since inception of its partnership. The NM is also the highest performing TPJ partner during PFI’s fiscal year 22, graduating the most prisoners out of all the TPJ partners globally. This level of activity was made possible because of the NM’s strong network of internal volunteers, and access to 84% of the national prisoner population. In December, Bible League International (BLI) will provide PF Rwanda copies of the first-ever branded Kinyarwanda TPJ Graduation Bible, which includes the 52 Prison Project Philip (PPP) lessons. Kinyarwanda is an official language of Rwanda and spoken across the entire country — in government, schools and media. (In FY23, PF Nigeria is expected to be the highest producing TPJ partner, with more than 20,000 TPJ graduates.)

  • On November 4-5, PFI President and CEO Andy Corley will be speaking at PF Australia’s 40th Anniversary Celebration. If you are interested in attending to reflect on how God has been working in this ministry for the last 40 years and what the future of the ministry holds, PF Australia would be delighted for you to join! Book your tickets today.

  • Since the implementation of TCJ over the past year, PF Rwanda has worked hard to meet two significant program standards: recruiting volunteer mentors and providing enrolled children in the program with an annual health check. We are so excited to report that this quarter, PF Rwanda has recruited 200 volunteer mentors and provided 1,133 children with the basic requirements needed for their annual health check.

  • PromisePath is scaling from four to ten countries in FY23, as we are adding Benin, Burkina Faso, Kenya, Liberia, The Philippines and South Africa. Together, they will serve 2,500 children of prisoners to bring the total number of children served by PromisePath in FY23 to over 5,000.
  • TCJ’s group-based mentoring will be fully implemented this month by all participating national ministries. Recruiting volunteer mentors to lead this activity is a never-ending task for the national ministries. Here members of PF Rwanda’s staff are seen meeting with members from a local church. At the meeting they presented the TCJ program and discussed how the congregation could get involved and support TCJ. As a result of meetings like this one, PF Rwanda has recruited 67 volunteer mentors, and they hope that the connections they are making with these local churches will lead to the recruitment of additional mentors and support for the national ministry.

  • Here’s a powerful testimony from a recent TPJ Graduate in Malawi: ‘I come from a Christian family but was never a Christian myself until I was sent to prison. TPJ has completely changed my point of view in regard to Jesus and Christianity in general. I now understand that the bible is a personal tool to understand God’s love for me and in me. I have fallen in love with the Word of God and I feel alive every time I spend time reading the bible, whether on my own or in bible study with my fellow prisoners. Jesus is in me and even though am still in prison, I am free inside. When everything fails, indeed Jesus never fails. I feel like shouting to the whole world what He has done in my life.’ — Ulanda, prisoner, Domasi Prison



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Ministry Updates

Ministry News Roundup – July 2022

Earlier in July, a strategic meeting took place in Ukraine involving four PFI partners: PF Ministries (USA), PF Germany, PF Romania and PF Ukraine. The meeting took place while leaders from all four ministries gathered in Ukraine for more than a week to support the ongoing PF Ukraine relief work for prisoners, ex-prisoners, children and […]

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Ministry News Roundup – June 2022

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