Children of Prisoners

Reaching the lost and forgotten

CHEAV | Cambodia
CHEAV | CambodiaWith his wife in prison and 10 children to care for, Cheav was losing hope. But now he’s grateful for the help he received. Read More
CAMILA | Colombia
CAMILA | ColombiaCamila was very reserved and quiet. But now she is outgoing and interactive, enjoying the activities offered to her through the child sponsorship program.Read More
NEHALA | India
NEHALA | IndiaNehala, a child of a prisoner in India, demonstrates compassion to someone even less fortunate than herself.Read More

THEONESTE | AfricaTheoneste, in Rwanda, and his family could barely keep food on their table. Now, they have reassurance that nothing is impossible with God. Read More
SERGE | Rwanda
SERGE | RwandaSerge and his brothers were helpless and alone, but now have hope, healing, and a second chance. Read More
SAMBATH & KAKADA | CambodiaTen-year-old Sambath and his brother have experienced more trauma in their childhood than many do in a lifetime. But today, they have the tools to heal and thrive. Read More

OPPORTUNE | RwandaOpportune and her mother struggled alone, until our child sponsorship program helped show them that God and His people care for them. Read More
ARAGEL | Cambodia
ARAGEL | CambodiaEight-year-old Aragel was born in a prison, but that didn’t stop her from dreaming. Now she has the care and support to thrive.Read More
PRISON FELLOWSHIP NEPAL | NepalWhen disaster struck, children of prisoners were left hungry and homeless. But help arrived, and these families are rebuilding their lives.Read More