Children of Prisoners

Reaching the lost and forgotten

KUNDA | Zambia
KUNDA | ZambiaAt just 3 years old, Kunda was an outcast in his community. Neighbors mocked him and threw garbage in his yard. Now his home is a place of solace and acceptance, and his family's faith has been strengthened.Read More
DINESH | Nepal
DINESH | NepalTen-year-old Dinesh, in Nepal, had no one to provide for him after his father went to prison. Now he's reunited with his father, and knows the love of his Heavenly Father too.Read More
CHEAV | Cambodia
CHEAV | CambodiaWith his wife in prison and 10 children to care for, Cheav was losing hope. But now he’s grateful for the help he received. Read More

CAMILA | Colombia
CAMILA | ColombiaCamila was very reserved and quiet. But now she is outgoing and interactive, enjoying the activities offered to her through the child sponsorship program.Read More
NEHALA | India
NEHALA | IndiaNehala, a child of a prisoner in India, demonstrates compassion to someone even less fortunate than herself.Read More
THEONESTE | AfricaTheoneste, in Rwanda, and his family could barely keep food on their table. Now, they have reassurance that nothing is impossible with God. Read More

SERGE | Rwanda
SERGE | RwandaSerge and his brothers were helpless and alone, but now have hope, healing, and a second chance. Read More
SAMBATH & KAKADA | CambodiaTen-year-old Sambath and his brother have experienced more trauma in their childhood than many do in a lifetime. But today, they have the tools to heal and thrive. Read More
OPPORTUNE | RwandaOpportune and her mother struggled alone, until our child sponsorship program helped show them that God and His people care for them. Read More