Transforming Lives
Breaking the Cycle

All people have value, deserve mercy, and are loved equally by God. Even the most outcast.
With your help, we can restore hope and share God’s redeeming grace with prisoners and their families around the world.

Prisoners aren’t the only ones affected by their crimes...

More than
10 million prisoners worldwide

are locked away and forgotten. They learn to protect themselves through the same means that got them into prison, perpetuating a culture of violence and retaliation.

Around the world
Victims of crime are generally ignored

except when needed as witnesses in criminal prosecution. They receive little help to recover from their trauma.

More than
14 million children

around the world have lost one or both parents to prison. Many are forced to beg for food or work from dawn to dusk to survive.

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Why Prisoners

Transforming Lives

The Prisoner’s Journey is proven to transform the lives of prisoners, from the inside out, by introducing them to restorative relationship with the person of Jesus.

Offer Prisoners Hope

Repairing Harm

The Sycamore Tree Project: Justice and Peace changes offenders’ mind frame by bringing victims into prisons to meet with them and discuss issues related to crime and consequences.

Repairing Harm

Protecting Children

The Child's Journey and PromisePath provide this vulnerable group of children, who often fall between the cracks of what other child-focused programs provide, with care in their specific areas of need.

Protect Children of Prisoners
We are a movement of 116 indigenous ministries, and together we engage nearly 500 full-time staff and board members, and train, equip, and mobilize more than 33,000 volunteers.
Staff & Board Members
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Transformation Is Happening

For more than 40 years, Prison Fellowship International has built programs in prisons around the world that are restoring prisoners’ lives, helping their families, and successfully integrating them back into the community—for good.


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Stories of change

Free and Secure

Locked away, cut off from society, forgotten, Britney’s day-to-day routine serving a prison sentence was mundane.

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