Gina A. Brockmeyer

Manager, Child Programs

Gina Brockmeyer is the Manager of Child Programs and will be overseeing and managing the development and implementation of the strategy for all Children’s Programs. Gina’s primary focus is leading preparation, implementation, training, and evaluation processes; formulating, organizing, and monitoring inter-connected projects; deciding on suitable strategies and objectives to meet program goals; and partnering with the regional office and national affiliate leaders in program management and implementation.

Gina brings us over 25 years’ experience working with child welfare agencies and prison ministry and specializes in the areas of program development, program management, and partnership development. Gina understands the needs of Children of Prisoners and what is truly necessary for the National Ministries running children’s programs to be successful. Gina works diligently to support this important mission.

Previously Gina developed, supported, and grew numerous international adoption programs around the world ensuring the children available for adoption were placed in loving and stable homes as well as providing for the needs of the children who were not adoptable. Gina has also successfully managed programs for women and families impacted by incarceration. Gina successfully accomplished these by ensuring the needs of the women, children, and families were met while consistently evaluating and improving the services provided.

Gina holds a Bachelor of Political Science and History degree from North Carolina Wesleyan College as well as a Certificate in Adoption from the Rutgers’ School of Social Work.