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Angel Network

The Angel Network is active four times a year: Christmas, Easter, school start and school year end. The program seeks to work with the same children throughout the year in order to achieve greater impact. Practically it means that about 9000 children are in the program throughout the year, whilst at Christmas time this rises to about 16,000 children. School kits at year end are varied to reward those children who have shown special diligence. This number also includes vulnerable Roma children who do not necessarily have a parent in prison.

Community Assistance

This program delivers emergency aid and other goods to extremely vulnerable Roma communities and institutions including prisons.

Day Center for Children

Daily about 20 children attend. At the center, the children receive a meal, after school support, counselling and drug prevention training.

Half-Way House

The house has 42 beds, a portion of which are reserved for women. They are able to stay a maximum of one year during which time a case worker helps them find a job and get settled back into society.

Monitoring Program for Teenagers

This program was formed to take care of orphans who had left the PF Romania orphanage. The orphanage is now closed, and these are the few remaining teenagers on the program.

Penitentiary Religious Program

PF Romania is active in prisons in the Transylvania region. All programs attended by the prisoners are accredited with the Prison Authorities. Their programs range from: Jesus in the cell; Pre-release programs for skills training; Bible studies and preaching programs; Group counselling. About 150 volunteers deliver this work.

Country Stats

  • Prisons Visited: 17
  • Prisoners Served: 850
  • Children of Prisoners Served: 16,045
  • Churches Engaged: 40
  • Paid Staff: 33
  • Volunteers: 150
  • Ex-Prisoners: 60

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