Prisoners are one of the least reached groups in

the world and we have a plan to reach them.


It’s called The Prisoner’s Journey® 

Prisoners around the world are cut off from society and left alone

to cope with their feelings of hopelessness and despair.


The Prisoner’s Journey® is proven to transform the lives of prisoners, from the inside out, by

introducing them to restorative relationship with the person of Jesus. It is delivered in three steps:


Prisoners are invited to a promotional event in which they watch a powerful video introducing them to Jesus the Prisoner. They are then invited to attend the eight-week course of The Prisoner’s Journey.


Throughout eight weekly sessions, prisoners meet in groups of 10–12 to learn about who Jesus is, what He calls them to do, and what He wants for their lives.


Upon course completion, prisoners are invited to enroll in a discipleship course to develop a deeper knowledge of the Bible, theological topics, and how to continue their journey with Jesus.

Transformation is not just possible. It’s happening.


prisons running the program


prisoners invited to learn about Jesus


prisoners who have graduated the course


prisoners who have furthered their relationship with Jesus through discipleship

Watch how The Prisoner’s Journey is making

a difference in the lives of prisoners.



We’ve drawn from our 40 years of

working with prisoners around the world

to develop The Prisoner’s Journey.


Glimpse into the inner lives of prisoners

who have been personally impacted by

the Good News of Jesus.

Here’s what prisoners are saying about the program.

Prison officials around the world have witnessed the dramatic impact of The Prisoner’s Journey,

including reduced violence among inmates. Here’s what course participants are saying:

I now realize I am guilty. After this realization, it was easy to take responsibility. It’s amazing what this has done for me. I am able to have forgiveness in my heart. Compassion has engulfed my heart for my fellow inmates.


Prisoner, South Africa

Through this program, I have learned what God did to save me. My behavior has changed so much that now I have a strong desire to reflect the heart of God. I have changed so much that I have been released on probation.


Prisoner, Chile

I wanted to just complete my sentence and return home without goals. When I was told about The Prisoner’s Journey, I enrolled and went to my first meeting. Each class about Jesus changed my vision for my life and gave me the desire to become a new person. I learned many things through the course that touched me deeply and today I see with new eyes the real meaning of the word “recovery”.


Prisoner, Brazil

I was very broken after being taken to prison. I thought all was lost and I would not find anything meaningful in my life.  I joined The Prisoner’s Journey and heard Jesus speaking directly to me through the Gospel of Mark. . . . This gave me hope and I decided to follow Jesus. I have seen the power of [this program]. . . . Conflicts between prisoners have reduced significantly. I now live in a halfway house where I am receiving training in skills to use for God’s good.


Ex-prisoner, Malawi

Join the Journey

By choosing to care for prisoners, you are helping to transform prisoners lives,

restore them to their families, and build safer communities.


We have a proven plan. All we need is you.


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