Many prisoners don’t understand the impact of their

crimes. Victims are often ignore. We have a plan to help

prisoners understand their actions and repair the harm

caused by crime.


It’s called the Sycamore Tree Project®-Justice and Peace.

Most prisons do not rehabilitate people who are convicted of

crime. So it’s not surprising that 75% of convicted men and women

will reoffend within five years or their release.


The Sycamore Tree Project®–Justice and Peace is a restorative justice program that is proven to

help prisoners repair the harm caused by crime and increase peace. It is delivered in three steps:


Prisoners and victims are invited to a promotional event in which they talk together about crime and justice. Prisoners are then invited to attend the eight-week course of the Sycamore Tree Project–Justice and Peace.


Throughout eight weekly sessions, prisoners meet in small groups to learn about the ripple effects of crime and reflect on topics such as accountability, forgiveness, making amends, and conflict resolution. Victims join prisoners during two sessions to share their stories and reflect on ways to move forward.



Upon course completion, prisoners are invited join a growth program in which they continue learning how to make changes in their lives to reduce crime and increase peace.

Restorative Justice Works


When victims, offenders, and community members meet to decide how to repair crime,

the results are transformational. Prisoners’ identities transform from victim-makers to peacemakers.


prisons running the program


victims finding healing through sharing their experiences with offenders


prisoners who have graduated the course and are seeking ways to repair the harm caused by crime


prisoners who have entered the growth phase and are exploring ways to make amends for their crimes

Watch how The Sycamore Project–Justice and Peace is making

things right between victims and offenders.



We’ve drawn from our 40 years of

working with prisoners and victims around

the world through the Sycamore Tree Project

to develop Sycamore Tree Project-Justice

and Peace.


See how prisoners and victims are coming

together to restore justice and build peace.

Prisoners and victims openly share their

experiences with one another.

I only saw crime as an offense, so it was easy for me to advocate for punishment and suffering for the offender. After participating in the Sycamore Tree Project as a victim, my view changed. I gained an understanding that all of us have been offenders and victims. An inmate asked me, “What would you do if I was that guy who robbed you and left you frustrated, but now I’m here pleading with you and saying I’m deeply sorry? Could you forgive me?” Seeing that he was really remorseful, I was broken and had to forgive. That’s the day I found healing.


Victim, The Gambia

I appreciate God for the Sycamore Tree Project as I now have opportunity to move my life forward. There are people I want to forgive because I want peace within me. I have decided to enter a covenant with God to be faithful in all I do such as forgiving those that offended me. I shall also be faithful, loyal and honest to my country and to serve my People with all my strength.


Prisoner, Nigeria

I was on a bus ride to Northern Nigeria with my wife when we were ambushed by robbers. Many people died, but we only sustained a few injuries before escaping into a bush. Since that time, I have been able to forgive these men of the evil they did to me. While volunteering with Sycamore Tree Project, I am able to share this story to show prisoners the power of forgiveness of sins. I am thankful whenever I see someone turning from their life of crime and instead going to God.

Mr. Young

Victim, Nigeria

Become a Peacemaker

It’s tempting to leave solutions to crime to the government, but crime and incarceration

touch all of our communities. It hurts those we love. And it leaves us feeling unsafe.


The solution is both justice and peace,

and it’s up to us to restore it.


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