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Prison Fellowship International currently has partner ministries in 29 countries throughout Europe and Central Asia. Thregion, which stretches from Portugal, across Europe and into the Russian Federation, represents a complex tapestry of ethnicitiescultures, and subculturesHere, atheism and pluralism have emerged dominantly against the fading backdrop of Judeo-Christian tradition. As a result Governments and authorities have increasingly adopted secular approaches to their social and criminal justice systems.  

As an ecumenicalmulti-ethnic organization, Prison Fellowship International is uniquely equipped to reach and advocate on behalf of prisoners within the diverse social and political environments throughout this regionEven among the most developed countries herestandards for prisoner care often begin and end with humane physical treatment in compliance with international lawwhile the spiritual needs of those incarcerated are neglected. Ipoorer areas, justice systems often fail to achieve even the most basic standards, and prisoners are exposed to harsh living conditions while their families and victims are often ostracized and disadvantaged within their communities. PFI’s national ministry partners step in to provide prisoners, their children and families with holistic care inspired by the reality that every individualregardless ocircumstancebears the sacred Imago Dei.

Today, there are over 9,700 volunteers working with PFI’s partner ministries throughout Europe and Central Asia. Teams arindigenously led, strategic, and creatively navigating the challenges in their countries. Across the region, the ministries are cultivating dynamic partnerships with fellow NGO’s and government agencies to promote restorative justice practices and to reduce recidivism. As a result of these efforts, thousands of prisoners throughout Europe and Central Asia are trading hopelessness for purpose found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and in turn, transforming their own families and communities.  

“Because He opened my eyes for the truth […] I will walk with Christ forever – now and in the coming age.” – Ivan, 25 (TPJ, Bulgaria) 

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Bulgaria Germany Latvia Portugal  Switzerland
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Spreading the Gospel

  • 39 prisons running The Prisoner’s Journey program
  • More than 13,500 graduates 
  • More than 53,000 prisoners reached

Supporting Children

  • 26 National Ministries running Angel Tree programs
  • More than 45,000 children of prisoners served through programs

Restoring Justice

  • 6 prisons running the Sycamore Tree program
  • 112 victims participating
  • 1,300 graduates of the program

This is just a snapshot of the many programs and initiatives taking place all over the region. From Bible studies to aftercare, children’s camps, halfway houses and other important interventions, Europe and Central Asia’s ministries engage in many critical aspects of prisoner’s and their families lives.

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Changing Lives, For Good

We are deep in gratitude to all of our partners for bringing hope to prisoners and their families around the world, making way

for a brighter future and helping to restore their trust in people—and in a heavenly Father who loves them.


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