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Regional Overview

Sprawling from the mountains of Pakistan and Mongolia to the islands of Japan, Fiji, and New Zealand, the Asia Pacific region accounts for more than half of world’s population. Diverse cultural and spiritual world views – Islam, postmodern secularism, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and other eastern world views  merge in this regioncreating highly complex environments in which national ministries are working to serve prisoners and their families.  

This vibrant social fabric provides unique opportunities and challenges to ministry. The region includes many countries in which Christianity is a religious minority and followers of Jesus face persecution. These countries have difficulty finding support from the greater religious community and volunteers are commonly ridiculed by prison officials for their faith. Even in the face of opposition, national ministries’ staff and volunteers have persevered in love and faithful service to the families of prisoners, and the communities in which they live. Acting as the hands and feet of Christ, national ministry teams are witnessing a growing, organic desire within those that they serve to know more about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Considering the region holds most of the world’s population and prison population, there is great potential for an astounding impact. Prison Fellowship International is working alongside national ministries to create infrastructure and expand capacity. The more prisoners and families we can serve, the more lives will be changed, enriched, and restored through the power of the Gospel.   

“TPJ is changing prison culture here on the island of Guam and giving new hope to the prisoners. There have been
visible changes in overall prisoner behavior and attitude.” – Prison Director Ishizaki (Guam) 


Guam (USA)
Papua New Guinea
Solomon Islands
Bangladesh India Nepal Philippines Sri Lanka
New Zealand
Republic of South Korea

Beyond navigating barriers of language and culture, National Ministries in this region face complexities derived from the extreme wealth disparities among and within neighboring nations.  Here, some of the world’s richest countries share a border with some of the most impoverished people groups on earth. The region also features a number of governments that are actively postured against Christian faith-based ministries. But even in the most persecuted countries, there is a vibrant church that wants to serve. Teams in this region are fervent in their faith, and have found ways to work alongside the church and their Governments to make an impact on prisoners and their families. They have created dynamic partnerships with fellow NGOs, collaborated on best practices with each other, and are demonstrating love through providing for the vulnerable’s physical needs in addition to spiritual.

Adam Hutchinson

Interim Regional Director, Asia Pacific and Director, Global Capacity

Exposé Prison Fellowship Cambodia

Exposé Prison Fellowship India

Exposé Prison Fellowship Australia

Spreading the Gospel

  • 38 Prisons running TPJ
  • Nearly 19,000 TPJ graduates
  • Over 68,000 prisoners reached

Protecting Children

  • More than 4,000 children of prisoners served through the children of prisoners program
  • 15 National Ministies running Angel Tree with more than 12,000 children of prisoners served

Restoring Justice


  • 4 prisons running The Sycamore Tree Project, restoring more than 1,400 prisoners and victims

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Changing Lives, For Good

We are deep in gratitude to all of our partners for bringing hope to prisoners and their families around the world, making way

for a brighter future and helping to restore their trust in people—and in a heavenly Father who loves them.


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