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Prison Fellowship International currently operates within 17 countries throughout Anglophone Africa. While each national ministry navigates a unique political and religious climate, many have earned the respect and support of federal and local governments due to the positive outcomes of their faithful work both inside prisons and within the communities affected by crime. The message of hope and purpose through Jesus is so profoundly transformative that some prisoners have been granted early release before they have a chance to finish the discipleship course. There have even been reports of prison staff and chaplains who have come to embrace the administration of ministry programs as an essential part of their work. 

The scope of ministry, however, reaches far beyond the walls of prison compounds. National ministry teams are developing innovative programs which provide ongoing support and resources for the children and families of prisoners. Prison Fellowship staff and affiliates have advocated for children to have the ability to visit their incarcerated parents, an effort which has led to crucial policy change in some Anglophone countries that previously excluded minors from this important access to their parent. Along with strong prison programs and outreach to families, reintegration programs are an increasing priority. National ministries throughout Anglophone Africa are working to provide job training, micro-loans, and volunteer opportunities which empower prisoners with the marketable skills needed to achieve financial and social stability for themselves, as well as their families, upon release. 


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It is important to know you are in this calling because you are called by God. He can be trusted to see you through the storms of life. Whatever causes doubt—whether it’s your abilities or ministry/work—God can be trusted. The word of God is “sharper than any two-edged sword” (Hebrews 4:12). It is an effective weapon that can bring security and assurance when we feel shaken.

Through prayer, you demonstrate your dependence on God. Therefore, pray even when you don’t feel like praying.

Enocent Silwamba

Regional Director, Anglophone Africa

Exposé Prison Fellowship Kenya

Exposé Prison Fellowship Zimbabwe

Exposé Prison Fellowship Ghana

Spreading the Gospel

  • 68,401 prisoners served
  • 80 prisons running TPJ
  • 107,162 TPJ graduates
  • 306,367 prisoners invited to participate in the program

Protecting Children

  • More than 1100 children of prisoners in the program
  • More than 1600 children of prisoners served through CPP
  • More than 5,400 children of prisoners served through all children’s programs

Restoring Justice

  • More than 6,000 Sycamore Tree graduates
  • More than 700 victim participants
  • 25 prisons running the Sycamore Tree Project program

This is just a snapshot of the many programs and initiatives taking place all over the region. From Bible studies to aftercare, children’s camps, halfway houses and other important interventions, Anglophone Africa’s ministries engage in many critical aspects of prisoner’s and their families lives.

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Changing Lives, For Good

We are deep in gratitude to all of our partners for bringing hope to prisoners and their families around the world, making

way for a brighter future and helping to restore their trust in people—and in a heavenly Father who loves them.



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