The Solution

Restorative justice is best accomplished through cooperative processes that allow willing prisoners and victims to meet and explore topics such as personal responsibility and making amends. This can lead to the transformation of people, relationships, and communities.

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Sycamore Tree Project®: Justice and Peace

Sycamore Tree Project®: Justice and Peace is an eight-week program where prisoners and the victims of crime come together to talk about their experiences, how they feel, and find ways to move forward.

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Partner Programs

Our partner organizations are helping us repair the harm caused by crime. Ministries around the world are using their powerful and innovative programs.

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Indigenous Programs

Our national ministries and ministry partners are working to implement restorative justice solutions all around the world. Victim and offender counseling, community reintegration, and Villages of Restoration are having a real impact, right now.

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How You Help

Implementing restorative justice solutions starts with people like you. When you pray for prisoners, advocate for restorative practices, and give to PFI, you are helping repair harm—for good!

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Repair Is Happening Around the World

Prisoners who have graduated The Sycamore Tree Project®: Justice and Peace
Prisons running Sycamore Tree Project®: Justice and Peace
Victims Joining in Conversation
Graduates who have begun to restore their relationships with the Community

Repair Broken Lives

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Repair Broken Lives

What People Are Saying About the Program

Through STP, I learned that we are no one to judge or hate our brothers and sisters.
Diana Colombia
I am very thankful for the opportunity to have gone through the STP. It has shown me the truth and helped me become a better person
Daniel Lebanon
I decided to take part in the STP program because I was bored in my cell. When I attended the program, I was encouraged to make something of my life and to stay away from crime.
Sheihk The Gambia
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No Shame for Carlos

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