Thanks to your partnership, Zambia’s Children of Prisoners Program

continued to flourish in 2019!

With a growing number of children enrolled, the team faced challenges reaching children of prisoners even further spread apart in the multiple regions and communities where they serveThrough strategic planning and mentorship, the team grew their network of community volunteers, allowing staff and caseworkers to improve communication and quality of support provided to children and their families.  

Prison Fellowship Zambia increased capacity in all program areas in 2019. Health and safety programs for children and families gained momentum and emphasized training in child rights and abuse prevention. More than 600 caregivers and 500 children were equipped with practical skills to build safer, stronger communities. 

As the capacity of the team has grown, so have additional programs beyond the children’s work, creating opportunities for even more holistic child and family care. In-prison ministry, livelihood programs to help prisoners upon re-entry to their communities, and strategic partnerships with like organizations to share knowledge and best practices are all aspects of the ministry that are thriving and providing ancillary benefits to families served.  

You invested in the lives of more than 750 Zambian children, and their families, in 2019.  Thank you!

Our Rescue Plan In Action

With your help, we pair each child in our program with a dedicated caseworker,

and ensure they receive support in these four essential areas. Here’s how you helped this year:


  • 726 of children in the program now have birth certificates (ongoing goal)
  • 100% of children were monitored, and confirmed to be living with an approved caregiver
  • 509 children and 645 caregivers attended a special safety training


  • 751 of children in the program are now fully vaccinated (ongoing goal)
  • 680 children who were in need received de-worming treatment for parasites
  • 710 children and families, who were especially needy, received additional monthly nutritional support
  • 509 children and 636 adults received health trainings about the importance of hand washing, caring for one’s body, and other critical health information


  • 589 of school-age children were registered in school (ongoing goal)
  • 584 of school-age children, who were in need, received school support through uniforms, books and, other supplies
  • 586 of school-age children were confirmed to be progressing through school

Spiritual Care

  • 751 children are connected with a local church and participating in Sunday school, Bible studies, junior church choirs, and other church related activities
  • 100% of children are served by a caring Christian caseworker
  • 145 children were supported to visit their parent in prison this year
  • 710 children are in families who received additional livelihood support to help create a sustainable business

Changing Lives, For Good


You have already given so much hope to children in Zambia, making way for a brighter future

and helping to restore their trust in people—and in a heavenly Father who loves them. 



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