Because of you, we were able to give life-changing

care to more than 390 Nepalese Children in 2019

Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world. Where natural disasters have weakened already frail social and economic structures, children of prisoners are among the most vulnerable to human trafficking and exploitation. But Light is fighting back the darknessIn 2019with your help, Prison Fellowship Nepal provided life-giving intervention and support to more than 390 children.  

Throughout the year, dedicated Christian caseworkers traveled long distances across regions to monitor the safety and well-being of each child in the program. The team organized and facilitated health and hygiene trainings for eight regions, at which 373 children received stationery, clothing, and sanitary packages. Partnerships with fellow NGOs and human rights advisors provided education to program families about children’s rights, as well as human trafficking awareness and prevention.  

With your help, 100% of school-aged children received educational assistance in the form of school fees, uniforms, and suppliesSeveral children also received special monetary gifts from their sponsors, which were used to purchase life-changing resources such as solar panel lighting, livestock, and toilets

Caseworkers report that these gifts brought profound encouragement and improvement to the lives of children and their families. 

Our Rescue Plan In Action

With your help, we pair each child in our program with a dedicated caseworker,

and ensure they receive support in these four essential areas. Here’s how you helped this year:


  • 99% of the children in the program now have a birth certificate or national ID equivalent
  • 100% of children were monitored, and confirmed to be living with an approved caregiver
  • 338 children and 231 caregivers received child rights and safety training


  • 100% children are fully vaccinated
  • 100% children received de-worming treatment for parasites
  • 397 children and their families received additional monthly nutritional support
  • 87 children who were in need were supported to receive a health check via local hospital
  • 338 children and 231 caregivers received health and hygiene training


  • 384 school-age children were registered in school (ongoing goal)
  • 94% of children registered in school were confirmed progressing to the next grade, and case workers were in close contact with teachers where additional support strategies were needed
  • 394 children who were in need received educational support through uniforms, books and other supplies

Spiritual Care

  • 373 children and their families participated in a resiliency building event
  • 100% of children were served by a caring Christian caseworker
  • The team supported 276 children to visit their parent in prison

Changing Lives, for Good


You have already given so much hope to children in Nepal, making way for a brighter future

and helping to restore their trust in people—and in a heavenly Father who loves them. 



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