You helped give life-changing care to 1,220 children of prisoners in India in 2019!

With your partnership in 2019, India’s ministry team exceeded almost all their goals for the year, and more than 1,220 children were provided with life-giving support. 

In India, a pervasive shame-based culture propagates a stigma towards prisoners and their families. Children of prisoners, already suffering from the absence of a parent, are often ostracized by their peers and communities at large. Prison Fellowship India has carefully identified the unique challenges facing these children and is working to ensure each child in the program is provided with the care and support needed to thrive.  

While the team is highly focused on helping each child succeed in their education, program support reaches far beyond the classroom. Throughout the year, 93% of children participated in health and safety trainings, 210 enrolled children were supported to receive birth certificates, 111 children received emergency medical support, and 62 families received housing assistance to help with repairs, water and sanitation needs, and other home improvements.   

Caseworkers partnered with teachers and counselors to intentionally encourage children’s self-esteem and emotional healthYour support equipped these children to excel academically, positively engage with their peers, and cultivate hope for their futures —and they did! In 2019, more then 99% of school-aged children advanced to the next grade.   

Our Rescue Plan In Action

With your help, we pair each child in our program with a dedicated caseworker,

and ensure they receive support in these four essential areas. Here’s how you helped this year:


  • 100% of children in the program now have birth certificates or national ID equivalent (ongoing goal)
  • 100% of children were monitored, and confirmed to be living with an approved caregiver
  • 1171 children and 658 caregivers attended a special safety training


  • 100% of children in the program are now fully vaccinated (ongoing goal)
  • 1188 children, who were in need, received de-worming treatment for parasites, as well as dental treatment
  • 100% children and families received additional nutritional support
  • 1186 children received health trainings about the importance of hand washing, caring for one’s body and other critical health information


  • 1181 of school-age children were registered in school (ongoing goal)
  • 100% of school-age children received additional school support through uniforms, books, and other supplies
  • 99% of children registered in school are progressing through grade levels

Spiritual Care

  • In home visits, children and families receive individual counseling and training of the families; for those who need special support, the Mumbai counseling center is being utilized
  • 100% were served by a caring caseworker
  • 97% children attended a resiliency building event
  • 763 children were supported in maintaining contact with their parent in prison through visits, phone calls, and letters

Changing Lives, for Good


You have already given so much hope to children in India, making way for a brighter future

and helping to restore their trust in people—and in a heavenly Father who loves them. 



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