You helped give life-changing care to 1,116 children

of prisoners in Cambodia in 2019

2019 was an exciting and joy-filled year for Prison Fellowship Cambodia. More than 1,116 children received life-giving support through the Children of Prisoners Program. The national ministry continued to cultivate a positive relationship and cooperation with the Cambodian government, as well as with local churches, authorities, and school administrators. Partnering with over 51 churches, Prison Fellowship Cambodia connected 967 children to a Christian gathering place where they regularly received spiritual guidance and nurturing.  

The year also brought internal growth and change for Prison Fellowship Cambodia as new staff members joined the teamTogether, they developed strategies which enhanced the monitoring of children’s well-being and the accuracy of child data reportingWorking alongside church volunteers, the program shows promise for increased capacity to reach more children of prisoners in the coming years  

In 2019, 920 children in the program had the opportunity to visit their parent in prison. The value of these reunions –however brief — is immeasurable. Thank you for investing in these precious lives. Your faithful prayers and support are producing a harvest of restoration and hope in the name of Jesus.  

Our Rescue Plan In Action

With your help, we pair each child in our program with a dedicated caseworker,

and ensure they receive support in these four essential areas. Here’s how you helped this year:


  • 99% of children in the program now have birth certificates (ongoing goal)
  • 100% of children were monitored, and confirmed to be living with an approved caregiver
  • 771 children and 500 caregivers attended a special safety training


  • 1175 of children in the program are now fully vaccinated (ongoing goal)
  • 1021 children who were in need received de-worming treatment for parasites
  • 922 children and families, who were especially needy, received additional monthly nutritional support
  • 999 children received health trainings about the importance of hand-washing, caring for one’s body and other critical health informations


  • 902 of school-age children were registered in school (ongoing goal)
  • 100% of children registered in school received educational support through uniforms, books, and other supplies
  • 902 of school-age children were confirmed to be progressing through school, despite economic and social barriers

Spiritual Care

  • 967 children were connected with a local church, more than 300 than the year prior, despite religious scrutiny of caseworkers
  • 920 children were able to visit their parent in prison this year
  • 100% of children were served by a caring Christian caseworker
  • 1037 children attended a resiliency building event with their families and peers

Changing Lives, for Good


You have already given so much hope to children in Cambodia, making way for a brighter future

and helping to restore their trust in people—and in a heavenly Father who loves them. 



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