Online Training

During this unprecedented time globally, Prison Fellowship International has been exploring new ways to serve the association. We are now excited to introduce a series of live online trainings specifically for PF National Ministries, to take place between June and August 2020.
Training Schedule

Aklilu Tadesse

Aklilu Tadesse has been with Prison Fellowship International during the leadership of Ron Nikkel. He started as Director of PFI’s Leadership Training Institute and then served as Regional Director and other roles. Aklilu has always admired the work that PF National Ministries do despite the tremendous challenge they face around the world. He has always wondered particularly about how governing boards, typically made up busy part-time volunteers, who are not engaged in the daily management of their organizations discharge their significant responsibilities. Aklilu has journeyed with national ministry executive directors who come to their position without training or experience with working with boards and endeavor to assist in managing their national ministries. Aklilu knows that national ministry leaders are hungry for thoughtful guidelines for good practice and advice on the art and science of good governance. Aklilu is passionate about the prominence that capacity building has attained at PFI and is looking forward to assisting board members sharpen their governance skills. Aklilu has a Master of Public Administration Degree from the University of Victoria in Canada. He has teaching experience and is also a certified Project Manager.

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