Thank you for your answers!

We agree with you—Christians do have a mandate to take care of children who fall through the cracks of their communities when their parents are sent to prison. There are 14 million children of prisoners around the world. These children are among the most vulnerable and marginalized groups, which puts them at high risk of exploitation, abuse, and neglect. These risks are heightened in countries where poverty is widespread. The stigma of parental incarceration is particularly devastating for children who, as a result, experience trauma, shame, and financial challenges.

With our longstanding work within prison systems and unprecedented access to prisons across the world, PFI is uniquely positioned to serve children of prisoners, who often are forgotten or underserved by other organizations.

Your sponsorship today will ensure a child in need has access to education, social mentoring, health and medical assistance, and spiritual development.

That’s right. For a little more than a dollar a day, you can make sure that one of these children knows the most important fact in the world: that God cares for them and loves them.

Would you consider sponsoring a child whose parent—or parents—are in prison?