Replace the cycle of crime with a ripple effect of hope and transformation


Through your generous support, you are taking the life-transforming message of the Gospel to those in prison. Every gift you give has a ripple effect. Just like a single drop that creates a series of growing ripples in a pool, you change a life, which changes another, until the cycle of life overtakes the cycle of crime.

Together as a community of Lamplighters, you have enabled more than 655,000 men and women across the world to graduate from The Prisoner’s Journey, receive a Bible in their heart language and attend additional discipleship programs to further their faith walk. We can only imagine how many have come to know Jesus through them.

I urge you to prayerfully consider giving a gift of $60 today to share the Gospel with more prisoners and create more ripple effects of faith in even more families and communities.

Will you join us? Your gift today brings the Good News of the Gospel to prisoners all over the world. Every gift restores lives for His Kingdom!