Audio Gospel Echoes in Prison Cells – Andy Corley on John Ankerberg Show

In a recent episode of the John Ankerberg Show, Andy Corley, President and CEO of Prison Fellowship International (PFI), joined host John Ankerberg to shed light on the organization’s critical mission of restoring hope and faith to those behind bars.

Corley shared about PFI’s transformative work, specifically as it relates to The Listener’s Way, a program that provides audio and video Bibles to prisoners and their families around the world. At the heart of PFI’s mission lies a profound belief in the inherent worth and dignity of every individual, regardless of their past or circumstances, a conviction that drives efforts to bring hope and healing to incarcerated individuals and their families.

“Everybody in those prisons, every single person, is somebody who’s created in the image of God.”

A pivotal tool in PFI’s arsenal to reach hearts and transform lives is the provision of audio Bibles, known as Proclaimers, to prisoners through The Listener’s Way, a program developed in partnership with Faith Comes By Hearing. These devices are preloaded with scripture in multiple languages so that individuals can engage with the Gospel in prison in their heart language.

However, bringing faith-based programming into prisons can be difficult, particularly in countries where Christianity is a minority faith – like Cambodia. Corley shared about the impact of The Listener’s Way in Cambodian prisons and discussed the importance of building trust with prison authorities and local communities. He lauded the work that PFI’s national ministries do in order to  navigate these complexities.

“There’s something profoundly incarnational about [humanizing prisoners]. Prisoners all over the world will say, ‘Why are you here?’ and when the answer is, “Well, because you matter and because God loves you.”

Prison Fellowship International remains steadfast in its commitment to restoring dignity, hope and faith to those behind bars. Bring hope and healing to those who need it most, prisoners and their families, by expanding The Listener’s Way to more prisons. 

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