Combatting Unjust Conditions


Serving Christ by healing “the least of these.”


Follow Christ in caring for the poorest of the poor—and join the 600 medical professionals and support volunteers who have brought relief and hope to more than 95,000 inmates and families in prison and prison communities around the world.

Overcrowding, poor ventilation, food shortages, and substandard sanitation allow disease to spread rapidly in many prisons around the world. And prisoners and their families have virtually no access to medical treatment. Prison Fellowship International’s Global Assistance Program (GAP) mobilizes teams of volunteer doctors and nurses to provide short-term, life-giving medical care—in over 90 countries.

Medical care is provided by qualified medical professionals (physicians, surgeons, physicians’ assistants, EMTs, nurses, dentists, and pharmacists). Many volunteer their time to support this important effort. Each GAP project lasts 7-14 days, and occasionally longer as the need dictates.

Clean Water Program

Quenching more than thirst. Cleansing more than bodies.

Up to 70% of prisoners in many impoverished countries are awaiting trial and may not be found guilty. But lack of clean water causes the spread of typhoid fever, cholera, tuberculosis, and other diseases that hand many a death sentence.

Prison Fellowship International is developing a Clean Water Program to combat this deadly epidemic. We’re partnering with a manufacturer to deliver custom-built water filters that are easy to install and maintain. Each filter is capable of providing enough clean water for 50 inmates for up to 20 years.

To produce, ship, install, and maintain a filter costs only $500. This means we can bring clean water to an average prison with 500 inmates for just $5,000.

A pilot program will be launched in fall of 2014, with a full rollout planned for 2015. We’re targeting 500 prisons where the need for clean water is most urgent.

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