DINESH | Nepal

Dinesh Reunites with his Father

Ten-year-old Dinesh, in Nepal, had no one to provide for him after his father went to prison. His relatives rejected him and his mother—they refused to help or even speak to them. With no income and no support, life seemed hopeless and Dinesh felt like no one cared about him.

Now enrolled in our child sponsorship program, Dinesh’s needs are being met. His caseworker visits him regularly to ensure he’s healthy, safe, and doing well in school. And he’s developed a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

But the story doesn’t end there. The generosity of sponsors and supporters is changing the lives of Dinesh and his family. His father was recently released from prison with a transformed heart.

He says, “I accepted Jesus Christ in prison when the caseworker shared God’s words [with me].”

Dinesh’s family is now reunited, and your love and support—and their newfound faith—are helping them build their lives on a strong foundation.

“I got biblical knowledge through you, which helps me grow in Christ,” Dinesh told his sponsor. “Now, I am sharing the Gospel in school and to my neighbors. My aim is to do ministry work and be a pastor.”

Dinesh’s father shares a similar aspiration. While Dinesh’s mother works as a tailor for a local school, his father is preparing to become a missionary.

“My father is inspired by [our] caseworker, and wants to be like him,” says Dinesh.

Thank you for helping give this family a new beginning.

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Emergency Relief

On April 25, 2015, Prison Fellowship Nepal Executive Director Dinesh Neupane was on his way to visit a local church pastor when his van started shaking violently 30 kilometers outside Kathmandu. The driver stopped and the passengers froze.

Someone began to cry.

When the shaking stopped, Dinesh climbed out of the van to survey the landscape. Dust clouds rose from mountains in the distance. Homes that lined the roadsides just minutes before now lay in ruins.

Dinesh had survived the 7.8-magnitude earthquake, which killed more than 8,000, and left thousands homeless.

“There was terrible panic,” says Dinesh. “People were shouting and crying.” He grabbed his phone and, with trembling fingers, dialed home. Most of the phone networks were down, but he was able to confirm his wife and four children were safe before the last connection faded out.

Once reunited with his family, he began searching for Prison Fellowship Nepal staff and the 239 children they care for through our child sponsorship program. All the staff and children were safe and uninjured, but many suffered great losses.

In Dhading district, 20 families participating in our program lost their homes. Many fled to evacuation campgrounds where hundreds of displaced families shared tents—some little more than a tarp draped over a few pieces of wood. The grounds were unsanitary, and there was no food, water, or protection. This is where we found 11-year-old Deepa. She was unwell, hungry, and hadn’t bathed in days.

Our staff supplied Deepa and 30 other families, with water, 30-kilograms of rice, and tents so they could live together until safe and permanent housing opened up.

In the days following the quake, Dinesh and two other staff members visited the affected families through the villages in Dhading district to assess their immediate needs. For the 20 families who lost their homes, we also established an emergency relief fund, which helped purchase corrugated sheet metal to build tunnel house shelters for the families to live in.

Please remember to pray for this country as families continue to rebuild their lives.

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DEEPA | Nepal

A New Home Despite the Debris

In April of 2015, 11-year-old Deepa and her family lost their home in Nepal during a 7.8-magnitute earthquake, which also killed more than 8,000. The family fled to an evacuation campground, along with hundreds of other displaced families.

Deepa, her mother, and sisters had to share a tent with others. There was no food or water supply, and the environment was incredibly unsanitary.

When our child sponsorship program staff found Deepa, she was sick and had not been able to bathe in several days.

Through Prison Fellowship Nepal, and our other staff on the ground, we provided Deepa and her family with food, drink, and two large tents where they could live together until permanent housing was available.

Deepa’s mother told the volunteers that their aid helped her trust God more with their uncertain future.

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