Fern Teo

Regional Coordinator, Asia-Pacific

Fern Teo is the Regional Coordinator who supports National Ministries in the Asia Pacific region. She seeks to play a dependable role in empowering National Ministries to fulfill their potential. She partners them in assessing their needs and strengths and hones their effectiveness in running programs.

Previously, Fern spent 8 years teaching the Secondary and Junior College levels in public schools. Her academic expertise is in Literature, General Paper, and Geography. She was also responsible for creating and implementing several programs in holistic education. In her time in education, Fern has also led staff in various student development programs and trained them in educational technology.

Fern has also been active in church – serving in the worship and music ministry since she was 14, going on mission trips, and continually pursuing growth through discipleship programs.

As a believer and educator at heart, Fern is passionate about the transformation of lives. She trusts in God to use her as His instrument to facilitate restoration in the lives of prisoners and their communities.

Fern holds a Bachelor of Arts in Education, and a Master’s of Education (Literature).