You are changing the future one child at a time


Meet Erik and Maria in Colombia. When Erik and Maria’s father went to prison, their mother took on multiple jobs just to keep food on the table. When the money still proved to be tight, they sold many of their possessions, including their beds. Each night, they put down mats and blankets and huddled together to sleep on the floor. After Prison Fellowship Colombia enrolled them in programming, the children began receiving visits from their caseworker. He noticed that they often spoke of back pain and muscle aches and upon looking through the house, realized that there were no beds. Thanks to the generosity of their sponsors, the caseworker was able to buy beds for the family. After their first night of good sleep, the children joked that they never wanted to leave their bed. Their caseworker has also helped the family with food stability and school expenses so that their mother can spend more time at home with her children. Erik shared his gratitude, saying, “I am thankful for my sponsor and Prison Fellowship Colombia. You showed me that someone cares for my family.”


Meet Donat in Rwanda. When Donat’s husband was sent to prison, she leaned on her faith to pull her through the initial shock. Sadly, less than a week after he was arrested, their youngest child died unexpectedly. Donat felt as if her entire world was shattered but knew that she had to be strong for her other three children. Just when she had lost all hope, she received a message from her husband, delivered by Prison Fellowship Rwanda. It read simply, “Put your trust in Jesus. Better days are to come.” Shortly after, she was visited by Prison Fellowship Rwanda and her children began receiving services to provide them with food, healthcare, education support, and Scriptures in their heart language of Kinyarwanda. Donat shared that the support she has received reminds her of one of her favorite verses that she read in her new Bible – 2 Corinthians 4:6. The verse reads, “For God, who said, ‘Let light shine out of darkness,’ made his light shine in our hearts to give us the light of the knowledge of God’s glory displayed in the face of Christ.”

The dedicated staff and volunteers in our national ministry partners around the world strive to ensure children in the program have access to the resources and support needed to keep them safe, healthy, educated, and resilient while demonstrating the light and love of Christ.  This would not be possible without you.  Together we are making the world a better place for these beautiful children and equipping them to live a life of their full potential.

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