How Do I Write to My Sponsored Child?

It means so much to your sponsored child to receive a letter from you. You can send an email or drop a handwritten letter in the mail. Just follow these three easy steps:

  1. Find your child’s name and ID number on the photo card you received and include it in the subject line of your email or write it at the top of your letter. Do not include your own address.
  2. Write an encouraging note to your sponsored child. What should you say? Talk about your family or community or share your favorite Bible verse. Your sponsored child will be delighted if you ask about their friends, family, or favorite activities. Important: Please refer to the Communications Guidelines you received for helpful hints as you write to your sponsored child.
  3. Email your letter to or send them to
    Prison Fellowship International
    PO Box 17434
    Washington, DC

Write your name and return address on the back flap of the envelope, along with your child’s name and ID number. Our field staff with translate your letter, hand deliver it to your sponsored child, and help the child write back to you. Communicating with your sponsored child is a powerful way to offer hope and build an emotional bond that will mean the world to both of you.

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