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protecting Children

Supporting children’s health has always been one of the focus areas for CPP. Now they’re learning how to fight COVID-19.

Serving prisoners

Our global network of ministries is working with prisons around the world to keep prisons healthy and safe.

working globally

While international travel is banned, our volunteers in 116 countries are spreading God’s love where they live.

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Make a donation to our Coronavirus Relief Fund to help protect children and prisoners around the world during this unpredictable time.

Stories From the Field

Find out how our National Ministries are fighting the spread of Coronavirus in the communities we serve

What’s Happening Globally

  • In prisons where quarantining makes it difficult for volunteers to get in, prisoners have begun volunteering to lead the programs.
  • Children of prisoners are still recieving services, including health services, during the pandemic. 
  • National Ministries are developing emergency action protocols to meet the needs of those in greatest need.
  • Volunteers are delivering food, hygiene, and scripture resources to prisons in need.

What’s Happening Locally


Case workers and volunteers in Cambodia are working to get children access to personal protective equipment and hygiene products. One child, who received hand sanitizer and protective masks, wrote to his sponsor saying “I would like to say than you very much that you gave me the monetary gift. I used your money to buy… face masks and hand wash liquid to prevent coronavirus as it has been happening right now in my country.”


Prison Fellowship Canada is working to strengthen the relationships it has with church partners, Chaplins, and aftercare initiatives. Volunteers in Canada are using the time they would have spent in prisons to connect with one another and pray.


Prison Fellowship Chile joined efforts with the national evangelical chaplaincy and the local Chaplins to bring food supplies and hygiene items to prisons. While they were not able to enter the prison, PF Chile delivered the supplies to the gates. External volunteers, other donors, and PF Chile funded the purchase of these supplies.


Prison Fellowship Colombia is visiting prisons and delivering scriptural material to prisoners. While The Prisoner’s Journey is suspended in some prisons, in others, PF Colombia is leveraging existing prison technology — like Closed Circuit Television — to continue deliver of the TPJ program. PF Colombia is also distributing food baskets to families in need.


In March, PF Rwanda provided child protection and health training for children and caregivers in preparation for the potential impact of COVID-19. During the training, children were taught beneficial health, hygiene, and personal care practices — including proper hand sanitizing. Families were also provided with health and hygiene supplies, food, and clothing.

Solomon Islands

Prison Fellowship Solomon Islands was invited by the prison administration to enter the prison every day and prepare the food for the prisoners. The Regional Director states this is a “wonderful opening and display of trust.” Although courses are suspended due to the pandemic, collaboration and service like this will likely pave an easier road back to normal after the crisis has passed.

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