Restorative Justice

Reaching the lost and forgotten

PARTNERLINK NEWS | Fall 2017Read about your impact around the world in our Fall 2017 PartnerLink Newsletter.Read More
DAN | USADaniel Van Ness, founder of the Centre for Justice & Reconciliation and leader of Sycamore Tree Project, shares his reflections on his life of service in restorative justice ministry with Prison Fellowship International.Read More

SAM | Australia
SAM | AustraliaMeeting with victims demonstrated a compassion that helped Sam release his anger and take responsibility for his actions.Read More
ROSS | Australia
ROSS | AustraliaRoss shares the story of his son’s murder with prisoners in a personal effort to stop crime. Read More
KAREN | Australia
KAREN | AustraliaKaren found the strength to forgive the man who took her daughter’s life. Read More

JEREMY | Australia
JEREMY | AustraliaAfter 15 years in prison, Jeremy found the strength and courage to be a better man.Read More
ELIZABETH | Australia
ELIZABETH | AustraliaElizabeth finds closure from trauma cause by crime.Read More
ELAINE |Australia
ELAINE |AustraliaElaine was told to keep her abuse secret all her life. The Sycamore Tree Project gave her a safe place to share her difficult story and find the peace and freedom to forgive her abuser.Read More