Mark Hardy

Regional Director, Caribbean

Mark Hardy is a Regional Director who supports national ministries in the Caribbean. He brings 17 years’ experience working as a full-time Chaplain. Mark also has 12 years’ experience working as the executive director for a national ministry while serving with other nonprofit Organizations at various administrative levels thereby giving him a distinct appreciation for the dynamics at work within national ministries. His understanding of his region has positioned him to lend the needed support to build cohesion while advancing the vision and growth of each national ministry.

Mark was the first person from the Caribbean to sit on the worldwide steering committee of the International Prison Chaplains Association as the representative for Latin America and the Caribbean. He is passionate about rehabilitation and no man is beyond God’s redemptive grace.

Mark embraces creativity and innovation. Under his leadership, he led national ministries in his region to implement programs, such as an annual summer camp for children of prisoners and initiated an annual Christmas treat for over 450 inmates who had no family support.

Mark holds a Bachelor of Arts in Theology from Jamaica Theological Seminary. He is a certified Probation Aftercare Officer and holds an international diploma in Restorative Justice from Queens Theological College, Canada. Mark is also an alumnus of the Haggai Institute for Advanced Leadership, Hawaii, and The Institute for Leadership Formation, Singapore. The mantra for Mark’s life is “service above self.”