Leslie Blandon

Program Coordinator, Latin America

Leslie Blandon supports national ministries in the Latin America region.

Leslie started with Prison Fellowship International as an Administrative Assistant for the Latin America Regional Office and later promoted to Program Coordinator. Leslie specializes in the areas of administrative assistance and provides support and program management services to Latin America National Ministries. Leslie knows what really drives success and work within national ministries and works diligently to support them in their important mission to achieve their goals and objectives.

Leslie has supported 15 national ministries in the region through administrative and technological support. She has supported the performance of Prison Fellowship International partnership programs in six countries.

Due to the Prison Fellowship International training, she has improved knowledge and skills to support the Latin American national ministries in the areas of governance, building capacity, leadership, and technological assistance.

Leslie is currently pursuing a degree in Industrial Engineering at the University of Managua, Nicaragua. She studied English for two years at American Nicaraguan School and graduated in 2016.